Kim Jong-un's Sister Erupts Again

  • By Roh Suk-jo

    December 21, 2022 11:32

    Kim Yo-jong /News1
    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's sister Yo-jong worked herself up into another tantrum on Tuesday in the face of South Korean doubts about her country's missile and satellite technology.
    A keen follower of foreign media reports, Kim Yo-jong in a statement took exception to analysts who suggested that recent missile technology is not as advanced as North Korean state media have boasted.
    "They are so anxious about the reliability of our weapons more than us. To explain to them who have no common sense, we could not receive remote data of the control warhead until it hit a target if the technology for atmospheric re-entry was imperfect," she said.
    But she added ominously, "They will immediately recognize it in case we launch an [intercontinental ballistic missile] in the way of real angle firing straight off."
    But what incensed her even more were South Korean expert comments on the poor quality of recent satellite images the North claims to have shot from a prototype reconnaissance satellite.
    Such comments are "nonsense and rubbish," she said. "They are not dogs. Then, why do they keep barking."
    Instead, she said the South Korean military is "hooligans" and "gangsters" and "so impudent and arrogant to make assertions."
    A B-52H bomber, C-17 strategic transport aircraft and F-22 stealth fighters from the U.S. fly over the Korean Peninsula during a joint exercise with South Korea on Tuesday. /Yonhap
    The fresh outburst came as South Korea and the U.S. conducted training with B-52H bombers and F-22 stealth fighter jets near the Korean Peninsula on Tuesday.
    The F-22s took part in joint training here for the first time in four years, and the U.S.' quick dispatch of strategic assets to the peninsula was intended as a warning message to Pyongyang over its recent launch of an ICBM and test of a solid-fuel rocket engine.
    "The joint training is based on an agreement reached in November between the South Korean Defense Ministry and the Pentagon on the speedy dispatch of U.S. strategic assets to the Korean Peninsula to provide extended deterrence for South Korea's security against the North," a South Korean military officer said. "South Korea and the U.S. will respond to provocations by the North with a stronger posture than before."
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