Kia SUVs Most Popular Domestic Cars

  • By Ryu Jung

    August 19, 2022 08:58

    Kia's SUVs were Koreans' favorite domestic cars in the first half of this year, but men tended to prefer the Sorento and women the smaller Seltos.
    The top imported cars in the country in the same period were BMW's 5 Series sedan and Mercedes-Benz's E Class sedan, but men preferred one and women the other.
    According to website Carisyou, which tracks auto sales, 705,132 domestic vehicles were newly registered in the first half, down 11.2 percent on-year. Excluding company cars, men bought 470,000 of them or 68 percent.
    The Sorento came first among domestic cars, followed by Hyundai's Palisade large SUV, Kia's Sportage small SUV, Hyundai's Grandeur large sedan and Kia's Carnival van.
    The popularity of family cars like the Sorento and Palisade continues to grow, while consumers hesitate to buy Grandeurs as Hyundai is poised to release a fully revamped version at the end of the year.
    Women prefer smaller cars that are easy to drive. The most popular vehicle was the Seltos, followed by Hyundai's Casper subcompact, the Avante, the Sportage and the Ray.
    In the same period, Koreans bought 135,662 imported cars, down 12.8 percent on-year, and 80,000 or 66 percent of them were again bought by male drivers.
    The most popular was still BMW's 5 Series (5,750) closely followed by Mercedes-Benz's E Class (5,163), which shows that men no longer have a strong preference for BMWs. In third place was Tesla's Model 3, followed by BMW's X3 compact SUV and the 3 Series sedan.
    But women still prefer Mercedes, with the E Class (3,431) way ahead of the more dynamic BMW 5 Series (1,745). BMW's Mini hatchback came third and the Model 3 fourth. By age, customers in their 20s favored the Avante, those in their 30s and 40s the Sorento, and those in their 50s the Grandeur.
    Among imported cars, the most popular for those in their 20s was the BMW 3 Series, for 30-to-40-somethings the 5 Series and for those in their 50s and 60s the E Class.
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