More Men Suffer from Low Sperm Count

      June 23, 2021 08:33

      A growing number of men are seeking medical treatment for infertility as more and more suffer from low sperm count.

      Around 15 to 20 percent of men who get tested are found to suffer from aspermia or zero sperm count, while others may have sperm with extremely weak motility. There are many possible causes, including problems with the testicles, infection or abnormalities in hormones or chromosomes, but 30 percent of cases are due to unknown causes.

      Weakened liver or kidney functions, diabetes and high blood pressure can cause weak sperm motility. Other causes are exposure to excessive amounts of electromagnetic waves and heavy drinking and smoking. More recently, environmental hormones from plastic and other waste have also become culprits.

      Sperm and hormone tests are two ways to diagnose infertility among men. Sperm tests check the amount and motility of sperm. Men produce new sperm once every three months and proper eating and exercise can boost the quality of sperm.

      Hormone tests are conducted on patients with extremely low sperm count and weakened sex drive or erectile dysfunction.

      But all too often male infertility still goes unnoticed, not least because many men are ashamed to admit the condition is an ailment, so it is important to get checked regularly.

      Staying fit seems highly important. Studies suggest that every 10 kg weight gain boosts the chances of infertility by 10 percent. That raises the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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