Samsung's New Foldable Phone Under Fire for Flimsiness

      February 18, 2020 11:31

      Samsung's latest foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, is once again causing controversy for questionable durability.

      Its predecessor, the Galaxy Fold released last year, also garnered negative reviews before its release for problems with the screen, which winked out when pieces of grit were trapped under the screen.

      The Z Flip has already been released in the U.S., Singapore and the UAE and sold out.

      But popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything posted a video clip suggesting that the Z Flip's screen is "fake folding glass." Samsung used "ultra-thin glass" for the display due to its alleged resistance to wrinkling and imperviousness to shock.


      The YouTuber claimed that the company is "using a hybrid plastic polymer with little specks of glass ingredients inside," based on his test using Mohs hardness picks. He said if it is really made from glass, scratch would appear at a level 5 or 6, but his Mohs pick test on the Z Flip showed "marks start to appear" at a level 2 and "deeper grooves happening at a level 3," which can be seen on plastic.

      The Galaxy Fold's used polyimide film instead.

      Tech website the Verge said, "But if it really can be scratched this easily, what seemed like a significant selling point for the US$1,380 Galaxy Z Flip is starting to look like overblown marketing." 

      Samsung bristled. "The YouTube clip was a malicious review that went beyond the realm of ordinary usage," a spokesman said. "We used tempered glass for the Z Flip's screen, but it's so thin that we added a protective layer."

      In other words, the scratch marks appeared on the protective layer and not the glass itself. In what users may feel is cold comfort, Samsung said Z Flip buyers can get a one-time screen replacement for $119. 

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