Insomnia More Common with Age

      April 01, 2017 08:18

      Some people say that they experience one thing that changed in their life when they enter their 40s -- they do not sleep in. Even on the weekends when they do not have to wake up early to go to work, they wake up at 6 a.m. and have trouble going back to sleep. Why does this happen all of a sudden?

      Lee Hong-sik, a psychiatrist at Yonsei University, said, "In general, sleeping patterns change in the late 50s. The overall amount of sleep decreases and quality of sleep falls, which means you wake up often at night."

      The causes may include changes in lifestyles and hormones. Chronic illness may prevent some from having a sound sleep.

      But waking up early in the morning does not necessarily mean you have health problems.

      "It is only natural that the amount of sleep you get decreases as you age. Even if you wake up early, if you feel refreshed and your head is clear, there is no need to worry," said Lee.

      The important thing is to have a good night's sleep. It is not recommended to try to take a nap. Instead, increase physical activities during the day to feel tired enough to get a deep sleep at night.

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