Actor Kim Woo-bin Says Good Roles Come to Those Who Wait

  • By Lee Tae-hoon

    December 24, 2016 08:18

    Kim Woo-bin has returned to the big screen in the crime action flick "Master," which was released on Wednesday. Just six years since his debut, the model-turned-actor is already one of the hottest stars in the showbusiness. To be sure, his heartthrob appeal has helped his career, but Kim has charmed the critics just as much as he does his many fans.

    Kim met with the Chosun Ilbo before the release of his latest film.

    "The film tells us that the bad guy always gets punished in the end and justice prevails. I hope it offers some consolation and courage to people in this tough time," he said.

    He plays a genius hacker caught in the cross-fire between a con man and an investigator trying to nail him for fraud; what's more, he holds the key to solving the case.

    Kim Woo-bin

    In the film, the still relatively inexperienced Kim holds his own alongside two seasoned co-stars, Lee Byung-hun and Kang Dong-won.

    Asked if it was intimidating to work with them, Kim said, "If I had let that bother me, I wouldn't have appeared in the film." He viewed the pressure to perform at their level as a positive.

    "When I first met them on the set, they were just like the characters they play in the movie. That put me at ease a bit, because I could see them as fellow cast members to play opposite -- not as top stars I admire and look up to. That helped me, too, by letting me concentrate on my role," he said.

    Kim's film career hasn't been prolific -- four films in six years, of which the 2014 comedy "Twenty" was his most popular to date with 3.04 million viewers, but he's quite happy working at that pace. "If I only cared about fame, I would have accepted more projects," he said. "Older actors tell me fame is fleeting. I'm taking things one step at a time. I don't want to rush it."

    Discussing his goals as an actor, he said, "I want to keep people guessing about what role I'll play next," he said.

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