The Dos and Don'ts of Preventing Mosquito Bites

      August 02, 2016 12:37

      Scorching hot days and muggy nights aren't the only things that can make the summer months unpleasant -- mosquitoes are another cause of annoyance. Here are some useful tips for keeping the bloodsucking insects at bay.

      The best way to prevent mosquito bites is to shower often, as mosquitoes are drawn to the smell of ammonia, which is contained in sweat. Wearing perfume or applying scented body lotion is not recommended, as these can also attract mosquitoes.

      Be sure to keep your home mosquito-free. The insects can get into a house through even very tiny holes. Mosquito nets should be checked for holes, and sinks and sewer inlets should be plugged. Spraying mosquito repellent around all doors is also helpful.

      If you are bitten, wash the area with cold water and apply some mosquito repellant. Constantly scratching a bite weakens the blood vessels in the area, causing swelling and inflammation, which can leave a scar.

      Don't apply saliva to mosquito bites; while it might ease the itching temporarily, bacteria in the saliva such as staphylococcus aureus could cause further damage to the skin.

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