Don't Let a Cold Give You the Summertime Blues

      July 20, 2016 07:58

      The common cold is usually associated with cold weather, but many people do catch them in summer. According to the National Health Insurance Service, summer colds account for 17 percent of the yearly total.

      Below are the causes of summer colds and some steps to take to prevent them.

      As cold viruses are always in the air, a weak immune system means higher susceptibility to the disease. In summer, the use of air conditioners causes large gaps between indoor and outdoor temperatures, which weakens the immune system. It is advised to limit the gap to less than five degrees Celsius.

      To ward off colds from the air conditioning, put on a long-sleeved shirt so that the body temperature won't drop sharply. Drinking seven to eight cups of water a day also helps prevent summer colds. Water improves the functioning of the cilia in the lungs and other respiratory organs, thereby preventing bacteria and viruses from entering them.

      When it comes to fighting bacteria, good hygiene is the best "medicine." A virus can survive on the hands for at least three hours. Washing the hands more than eight times a day is a good way to prevent infection. Using antibacterial soaps are also recommended.

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