What Your Face Can Tell You About Your Health

  • By Lee Hyun-yi

    June 06, 2015 08:29

    Facial complexion can tell you a lot about the general state of your health. The face reflects the state of your body and any changes in it, so closely monitoring your complexion can help you stay healthy.

    ◆ Forehead and Lungs

    In Oriental medicine, forehead is seen as having a close relationship with lungs. Just as lungs are located at the top of the five viscera -- heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys -- forehead is positioned at the top of the face. If pimples appear on your forehead, drink milk to protect lungs. It is also good to induce sweating through a workout.

    ◆ Cheeks and Stomach

    Signs of digestion problems often appear on your cheeks, which are the acupressure points for the stomach. If pimples appear on your cheeks, try to limit food intake. Orange juice, which soothes inflammation of the stomach, or honey tea, which protects the stomach, will help.

    ◆ Mouth and Kidneys

    The kidneys and uterus are found at the bottom of the torso, corresponding to the positions of the mouth and jaw on the face. If this area darkens or other signs of problems appear, checking the state of the kidneys or uterus is recommended. Strawberry or carrot juice can boost the functions of the kidneys and uterus. Along with water, it is also good to drink roasted barley tea.

    ◆ Nose and Liver

    Liver generates the strength needed to inhale, so problems involving the nose can arise if there are liver problems. Fresh fruits and vegetables are great to keep the liver healthy. A glass of fresh kiwi or apple juice every morning will strengthen the organ.

    ◆ Lips

    Some people suffer from frequently chapped or cracked lips. This can be caused by a weak spleen or stomach. When these organs' functions are impaired, your body dehydrates, causing the skin on the lips to dry out and crack. Sweet foods such as sweet potato, melon, honey or brown sugar can alleviate the cracking.

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