Simple Tips for Healthy, Rich Hair

      March 30, 2015 08:35

      It is common to experience some health trouble during the change of seasons, and hair is not an exception. Many may find it frustrating to manage weak, dry hair. Some simple tips here will help maintain healthy hair.

      ◆ Dry Hair Thoroughly

      It is advised that you wash your hair in the evening when there is ample time to dry it completely. If you wash it in the morning, you can run out of time and only manage to wash and dry quickly. The resulting wet hair attracts dust more easily.

      ◆ Minimize Scalp Irritation

      Hair styling products such as spray, gel and mousse block pores, so they are best to be avoided if possible. If you have to use it, carefully apply them without touching the scalp. Frequent hair dye and perms are also not recommended.

      A head and scalp massage promotes blood circulation and is a great hair care option. Massage your head every day if hair loss has already occurred, as this will strengthen your scalp and slow down the hair loss process.

      ◆ Avoid Instant Foods

      Vegetables, seaweeds, beans, and other foods rich in calcium and protein help maintain healthy hair. Pork, eggs, and nuts are especially beneficial to those with seborrheic scalp, while black beans, sea kelp and sea mustard prevent hair loss by stimulating blood circulation.

      Instant ready-made meals, coffee, soda, alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided as they contribute to hair loss. Excessive smoking or stress will cause capillary vessels to contract, blocking nutrients from reaching the hair.

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