91% of Koreans Think Lawmakers Are Doing a Bad Job

      December 02, 2013 12:13

      Only 6.5 percent of Koreans believe their lawmakers are doing a good job, a survey by Media Research for TV Chosun suggests. More people expect the opposition to win regional elections in June next year.

      Some 91.1 percent said lawmakers are doing a bad job in the National Assembly. Asked whether the ruling Saenuri Party or main opposition Democratic Party is to blame, 42.3 percent said the former and 46.4 percent the latter.

      But the Saenuri Party also garnered a 47.4-percent approval rating against only 27 percent for the DP, while 21.7 percent supported neither side.

      If Ahn Cheol-soo forms his own political party, he can already expect an approval rating of 32.2 percent, reducing the Saenuri Party's slice of the cake to 40.2 percent and the DP's to 13.6 percent. Some 11.5 percent would still be undecided.

      Asked why they support Ahn, who is running on a ticket of broad reform, 76.3 percent said it was because they disliked the existing political parties, but only 21.9 percent because they like independent lawmaker.

      This suggests that support for Ahn stems as yet primarily from disaffection with the political establishment.

      Hah Kyu-sub at Seoul National University said the fact that more than 90 percent of the public is dissatisfied with lawmakers shows that "the public's patience has reached its limit" amid prolonged political haggling. But Han added that the support enjoyed by Ahn is "extremely unstable" because it is not so far based on any specific policies.

      In other areas, a majority of 67.7 percent feel pro-North Korean propaganda activities pose a serious threat to society, against 26.9 percent who do not and 5.4 percent who are undecided.

      Most also want the leaders of Korea and Japan to meet in order to repair strained diplomatic ties. A total of 70.5 percent of respondents said a Seoul-Tokyo summit is necessary while only 25.1 percent said it is unnecessary.

      President Park Geun-hye's approval rating stands at 62.5 percent, down 4.6 percentage points from a survey on Aug. 24.

      One thousand adults were polled.

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