Does Psy Have a New Global Hit on His Hands?

      April 17, 2013 12:09

      Psy's new song "Gentleman" has already amassed more than 100 million views on YouTube in a mere four days, much faster than the global sleeper hit "Gangnam Style." But the interest may be largely due to the halo effect of the older song, which racked up 1.5 billion clicks.

      Still, the global press has been quick to latch on to the phenomenon.

      Psy's slapstick comedy is an evident draw. During a concert in Seoul on Saturday, the rapper said many people abroad think he is a comedian.

      Some complain that the new song and video are a shameless attempt to cash in on the success of "Gangnam Style." The BBC quoted music industry consultant Debs Wild as saying on the "Today" program, "It's really dangerous to do more of the same. The new track is formulaic."

      It also reported that Boff Whalley of the erstwhile one-hit wonder band Chumbawamba commented, "Great artists try and do different things."

      The video features bouncy dance moves that Psy adapted from girl band Brown Eyed Girls' album "Abracadabra" a couple of years ago. But due to the global sensation caused by the horse-riding dance from "Gangnam Style," the "crotch-thrust dance" is also being carefully dissected in the media, and already tributes are appearing on YouTube.

      The sex quotient has been upped in the new video, so it may not be suitable for the vital child demographic, and some have raised accusations of sexism. The clip appears to tell the story of a badly-behaved man who finally finds happiness with an equally ill-mannered girl, but there are armies of pretty, skimpily dressed women in the video.

      "Psy has become a star whose popularity transcends the boundaries of generation and geographical territory. But the new song takes the vulgarity too far," a music critic said. "It will make it difficult for the song to become another global smash hit."

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