U.S. Senate Report Highlights Chinese View of Korean Kingdoms

      October 29, 2012 12:36

      The U.S. Senate is to publish a report on the historical and geopolitical relationships of Northeast Asian nations which claims that Korea's ancient Koguryo and Balhae kingdoms were provinces of China's Tang Dynasty.

      According to diplomatic sources in Washington on Sunday, the U.S. Congressional Research Service plans to publish a report around the middle of November predicting the role of China in an emergency on the Korean Peninsula and highlighting China's historical perception.

      The report details China's views that the Koguryo and Balhae kingdoms were Tang provinces and explains that Korea's Chosun Dynasty and China's Qing Dynasty set their territorial boundaries along the Apnok (or Yalu) and Duman (or Tumen) rivers using a point on Mt. Baekdu as a reference.

      It was apparently drawn up by the CRS at the request of a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. "It appears to serve as reference material to forecast North Korea-China relations and aims to inform senators about how the Chinese have historically regarded Korea," said a Foreign Ministry official here.

      The ministry has sent experts from the Northeast Asian History Foundation to the CRS to explain South Korea's position, which is apparently also reflected in the report. Government sources said it would also be published in a separate appendix.

      "The report simply details Chinese claims and does not reflect the official stance of the U.S. Senate," said the Foreign Ministry official.

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