Radioactive Sandstorms Expected This Weekend

      April 08, 2011 08:59

      Radioactive sandstorms will blanket the skies over Korea on Friday, the Korea Meteorological Administration forecast Thursday.

      The sandstorms started blowing over the central part of the country on Thursday night to cover the entire county until Saturday.

      "There's a chance that radioactive particles from Fukushima that have been scattered all over China will be attached to the sand and blown into Korea," KMA spokesman Kim Seung-bae said. He advised people to stay indoors until Saturday.

      In China, radioactivity was detected in Heilongjiang Province on March 26 for the first time and since April 3 all over the country.

      Students walk in rain at Ewha Womans University in Seoul on Thursday morning.

      According to data released online by the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection, radioactive cesium-137 and iodine-131 have been found in air samples at all 31 radiation detection stations across China, and the radiation levels are reportedly rising.

      "The radiation levels detected in the air in China won't have bad effects on the human body," another KMA official said. "But nobody can rule out that so much of the materials will be attached to the sand dust that the fine dust concentration in the air will be as thick as 400 ㎍ per cubic meters of air, the level when a warning is issued."

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