Think Twice Before Buying Chocolates for Your Valentine

      February 13, 2009 07:45

      A lot of women are buying chocolates as a Valentine present for their boyfriends, but those whose sweethearts are suffering from acne or beginning to lose their hair had better look for alternatives.

      The reason is the high content of sugar and additives in chocolate. A bar of chocolate weighing 50 g contains about 26 g of sugar, more than four times the sugar content (6g) in a bowl of rice. When such a large amount enters the body, the level of androgen, the male hormone, surges, increasing sebum secretion that can cause acne.

      Chocolate can also exacerbate hair loss. Sugar increases the viscosity of blood, disturbing blood circulation. When blood provision to the hair roots is not smooth, it leads to malnutrition and hair loss. Increased sebum secretion also causes dandruff to block the pores of the skin and thus stimulates hair loss.

      Chocolate also exacerbates atopic dermatitis. The antiseptics in instant chocolate destroy skin cell membranes, contributing to dry skin. A chocolate bar has about 200 kcal, while it contains more than 19 times the fat of a bowl of rice.

      But chocolate has its benefits. Some substances in chocolate, such as tryptophan and theobromine, act on the THC receptors in brain, generating a sense of happiness.

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