Museum to Honor 'Comfort Women'

    October 27, 2008 10:14

    A museum to honor the Korean women who were forced into sexual slavery for the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II will be built at the Independence Park in Seodaemun, Seoul. The Seoul Metropolitan Government on Sunday said it has approved a plan to establish the Museum of War and Women's Human Rights, which was proposed by an organization called the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan.

    The construction of the Museum in a three-story building will be completed in 2010. The park consecration is to be complete in August 2009.

    The Museum will include exhibits of evidence for Japan's forced mobilization of Korean women as military sex slaves, rooms for related educational programs and seminars, a library for documents and materials related to the so-called comfort women here and abroad and a place to commemorate the victims.

    Seoul City in principle agreed to the use of a site in the Independence Park in 2006 but only gave the final green light recently, a year later than expected, because some organizations strongly opposed the use of the site, saying a park dedicated to independence fighters was unsuitable for such a museum.

    A member of the Korean Liberation Association said, "We don't oppose building of the museum itself; we oppose establishment of the museum on this site. But Seoul City ignored our opinion and notified us of its decision to give permission."

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government says it gave permission for the museum because it "sympathized with its meaning and purpose." The city insists it went through all the necessary procedures including a public hearing before making its decision.

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