How to Wear a Miniskirt Without Catching a Chill

      August 16, 2006 21:05

      Miniskirts are back in the summer. Every woman who wants to look gorgeous and beat the heat is wearing one. But beware, miniskirts by the same token offer no protection from howling air conditioners, allowing the chill direct access where you need it least.

      Wearing miniskirts lowers your body temperature by half a degree Celsius for every 2 cm it gets shorter. The result can be cold hands and feet, and a nippy sensation in the pelvic region.

      The cold caused by poor circulation, which in turn is caused by an abnormality in the autonomic nervous system, can cause a variety of gynecological conditions as well as tiredness, indigestion, headache, stomachache and skin allergies.

      When your abdominal region and bottom are exposed, it cools blood passing through fat layers and the uterus and ovaries, giving rise to menstrual cramps and uterus myoma. And that, some doctors believe, can lead to infertility. "It's important that women keep themselves warm even in the hot summer days," says Prof. Kim Min-joung, a gynecologist at Catholic University of Korea's Holy Family Hopistal. "When you develop the feeling of cold by not taking enough care to keep your body warm, it can cause infertility."

      A study shows that abdominal temperature of patients with menstrual cramps and infertility tends to be lower than that of healthy women. Do not wear miniskirts during your period, because when temperatures around your uterus fall, menstrual cramps get worse. Those who have trouble with their heart and lungs, arthritis or chronic diseases such as diabetes have a weaker immune system, which means they need to take extra caution in wearing miniskirts.

      ◆ How to Keep Warm in a Miniskirt

      1. Eat a healthy diet, and get sufficient rest and exercise

      When you live a healthy life, it improves your circulation and prevents damage from cold air conditioning.

      2. Keep the lower part of the body warm

      When you wear short leggings, knee-length socks or long boots along with miniskirts, it makes you look fashionable and keeps your legs from losing body heat.

      3. Eat hot food

      Our wise ancestors fought fire with fire: they ate hot food to protect their body from being weakened in hot summer days. The same still holds true today. Having chicken broth with ginseng twice or three times a week helps you keep your body warm. Such hot dishes are good at replenishing protein which is easily lost due to hot weather and sweating.

      4. Drink herbal tea

      You can effectively protect your body by having medicinal teas such as ginger tea and wormwood tea known for their efficacy in protecting the female genitals. They keep your body warm and protect your uterus.

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