Eat Your Way to a Vigorous Love Life


    July 03, 2005 17:21

    The amount of sperm a man produces reaches its peak at age 18 and then gradually diminishes after 25. That incontrovertible fact is the reason Korean men eat such things as snakes, turtles and deer blood to keep up their slackening vigor. The ancient Greeks and Romans prized oysters as an aphrodisiac, while the lover Giacomo Casanova was said to have eaten up to 50 oysters every meal.

    But what is the wonder drug that men have sought since antiquity in both East and West? Prof. Kim Jeong-hee, a nutritionist at Jeonju Kijeon Women's College, has published a book titled "Love and Food" that based on results from nutritional research lists foods help stimulate the sex life.

    ◆ Oysters: Westerners think of oysters as the greatest of stamina foods. They are high in zinc, which helps sperm production.

    ◆ Tuna: The next best thing after oysters, it promotes sperm production and helps boost libido and stamina.

    ◆ Shrimp: Shrimp help the production of neutrotransmitters that adjust the mood and promote sexual desire. In China, bachelors and people traveling alone are told not to eat shrimp.

    ◆ Dark chocolate: Phenylethlamine in chocolate stimulates the happiness centers of the brain. The density of phenylethlamine reaches its peak during orgasm. Chocolate can also ease women's period pains and calm their frayed nerves during menstruation.

    ◆ Beans (particularly black beans): Beans replenish female hormones and ease some of the symptoms of perimenopause and irregular menstruation. They also promote the promotion of sperm.

    ◆ Almond: Almonds heighten the libido and help prevent sterility.

    ◆ Garlic: Promotes the expansion of erectile tissue at the center of the penis (corpus spongiosum). Moreover, it protects the blood vessels and promotes circulation, helping maintain potency.

    ◆ Ginger: Ginger has long been known to promote sexual desire, and is used as an aphrodisiac in Africa. Research also shows that it raises sperm count and activity.

    ◆ Bananas: Bananas are rich in vitamin B and help in the production of sex hormones.

    ◆ Plums and Figs: Plums, which contain estrogen, help maintain balance in female hormones. Figs help in the production of sex hormones.

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