Brushing off the Scandal, Back on Stage

  • By Kim Yun-deok

    May 09, 2003 20:36

    Baek Ji-young

    Time may indeed heal all wounds. The singer Baek Ji-young, who was a star with a bright future until a video of her in bed with her boyfriend surfaced a couple of years ago, was relaxed at the Anti-Miss Korea Festival held at the Mesa shopping center in Namdaemun last weekend. Baek is busy now, performing in nightclubs and preparing for the July release of her fourth album.

    "Even while I am singing, the thought that some of the audience may have seen the videotape makes my legs shiver," Baek said. "But everything has become much better. I pay careful attention to my safety and I tell myself to do my best on stage, which is most like me."

    She had tried a comeback on television after the video upheaval died down. But when she released her third album, which sold about 200,000 copies, her music video was forbidden on television, ostensible because the "lights were too brilliant." All three major broadcasting companies refused to stage her in their programs.

    Although Baek made a relatively late singing debut at the age of 24, she became a star in a year as her second album became a big hit. Then the videotape of her having sex circulated nationwide via the Internet. That incident sparked controversy about double standards in society regarding sex and women, especially in the entertainment business.

    Baek said that her female fans have been the most help to her. Those in their 20s and 30s fought for her dignity against the anti-Baek Ji-young websites, where personal attacks and criticisms prevailed. Women's organizations also filed lawsuits against the mass media's sensational reporting styles.

    Baek accepted the invitation to the anti-Miss Korea Festival to thank all those who stood by her. "I once thought feminists were all aggressive and suffered from inferiority complexes, but they really aren't like that," she said. "We laugh and talk alike and we share many concerns together. I don't mind not being able to be on television again. I can be crazy about music and live forever dancing and singing alone."

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