Ma Dong-seok's Latest Crime Flick Continues Successful Box-Office Run

english.chosun.com | June 09, 2023 11:10
"The Roundup: No Way Out," starring Ma Dong-seok, has been dominating the Korean box office for more than a week since its release on May 31.According to the Korean Film Council, the crime flick -- the third installment in a series that began with the 2017 smash hit film "The Outlaws" -- attracted some 645 million viewers in cumulative cinema attendance as of Wednesday. The film's distributor said the film passed its break-even point just three days after its release, as it drew over 1 million moviegoers a day.It is soon expected to hit the 10-million-viewer mark, following the success of the previous installment, "The Roundup," last year.The latest film deals with the story of a detective who fights a war on drugs.

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