The Secret to Stock Investment? Don't Worry So Much
More and more salaried workers are playing the stock market as they are seeking ways to increase assets amid record-low interest rates and unreachable housing prices, but the attendant worries and heartbreak can take their toll. The proportion of office workers who signed up for the brokerage's smartphone trading app surged from 14 percent last year to 45 percent this year.
Poor Koreans Can't Afford Healthier Food
160,000 Jobs for Young Koreans Disappear
Students on Coronavirus Alert Ahead of University Entrance Exam
Mastermind of Child Sex Abuse Ring Sentenced to 40 Years
Chinese FM Warns Korea Against Siding with U.S.
Korean Stocks Hit New Record on Improved Growth Forecast
Released Child Rapist Won't Return to Old Home
Child rapists Cho Doo-soon, who is set for release from prison on Dec. 13, will not be able to return to his old home in Ansan south of Seoul after all. Instead, Cho will move to another part of the city.
N.Korea Releases Prisoners Amid Coronavirus Scare
About 7,000 labor camp prisoners have been released in North Korea recently amid the coronavirus scare. There is speculation that the regime had no choice but to release them as it has become difficult to control malnourished prisoners amid the epidemic.
Korea's Economy Won't Shrink as Much as Feared
Korea's economy will shrink this year for the first time since the 1997 Asian financial crisis, but the decline will be smaller than feared, the Bank of Korea said Thursday. The only ray of hope is a faster-than-expected recovery in the country's exports.