Korea Lands Middle Ranking on Baffling Happiness Report
Korea ranks in the upper middle of the new World Happiness Report, which controversially finds that the entire world was just as happy in lockdown as before. It claims that "positive social environments were far more prevalent than loneliness and that gains from increases in positive social connections exceed the well-being costs of additional loneliness, even during COVID-19."
Samsung, SK to Keep Chinese Factories Despite U.S. Sanctions
Richest of the Rich Earn More Than W3.3 Billion a Year
Korean Start-up Successfully Tests Space Rocket
Travel Agencies Restart Package Tours to China
500,000 Young Koreans Give up Looking for Jobs
Jennie of Blackpink Hits Record 900 Million YouTube Views with Solo Single
S.Korean Sanctions Target N.Korean Satellite Ambitions
South Korea on Tuesday published a list of 77 sanctioned goods linked to North Korea's ballistic missile and satellite development programs. This is the fifth round of sanctions slapped on the North by the Yoon Suk-yeol administration since its inauguration.
Kim Jong-un's 'Faceless' Companion Intrigues Boffins
Mystery surrounds a man in military uniform who was pictured in the state media next to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as he watched a drill simulating a tactical nuclear attack on Monday.
Female Bankers Earn More Than W100 Million for 1st Time
The average annual salary of female bank workers surpassed W100 million for the first time last year, a full decade later than their male counterparts. The average yearly pay per woman at KB Kookmin Bank was W101 million and at Hana Bank W102 million.