How to Eat Properly for Sound Sleep
More and more Koreans complain of insomnia, with the result that products purporting to help are also proliferating. They include a "robotic" pillow that simulates breathing, and a headband that helps ease tension to promote sound slumber. Certain foods help the body produce ample amounts of the sleep hormone melatonin. Look out in particular for foods that are rich in tryptophan, which turns into melatonin.
Global Press Body Urges Korea to Scrap Media Gag Law
Airlines Enjoy Resurgence in Overseas Bookings
U.S. Senate Denounces 'Rogue' N.Korea as Moon Talks Peace
Lotte Department Store Launches Early Retirement Scheme
1 in 3 Koreans Now Uses Kakao Bank
Celltrion Sells Rapid COVID Test Kits to Pentagon
COVID Infections Rise After Chuseok
Daily coronavirus infections rose to a record 2,434 on Friday morning as health authorities raced to vaccinate more people after the Chuseok holiday. Infections are rising across all age groups and declined only among the over-50s.
Worries as N.Korea Launches Missiles 'from Train'
North Korea ostensibly fired two ballistic missiles from a train into the East Sea on Wednesday. North Korea has created a railway missile unit that could take advantage of weaknesses in South Korean and U.S. missile detection and intercept systems.
Hyundai Santa Cruz Named Best Pickup Truck in America
Hyundai's Santa Cruz has been named this year's best pickup truck by the U.S.' Northwest Automotive Press Association, the automaker said Thursday. Cars were tested for acceleration, handling, braking and rear-view cameras.