Omicron Infections Surge After Slight Lockdown Relaxation
Korea saw 7,513 COVID-19 infection cases on Monday morning, hovering around 7,000 for a fourth day and twice as many as on Jan. 16. Daily infections are expected to rise if lockdown restrictions are lifted further because the Omicron variant, which is both more infectious and milder, is becoming the dominant strain.
More People Turn to Lady Luck Amid Pandemic
30-Somethings Hit Hardest by Pandemic Depression
Japan Halts Plans to List Slave-Labor Site with UNESCO
Korea Faces Moldova in Friendly Match in Turkey
Newborns Eligible for W2 Million Vouchers in Seoul
Renault Samsung Taking Pre-orders for New Flagship SUV
Korea's Property Taxes Among Highest in Developed World
Korea ranks second in the OECD when it comes to the ratio of property tax to GDP, according to the Paris-based group of rich countries. Korea's ranking has shot up from 11th place in 2016.
N.Korea Threatens to Resume Nuke, ICBM Tests
North Korea has threatened to resume nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests for the first time in three years and nine months.The threat came after the U.S. defined a series of Pyongyang's recent missile launches as "attacks."
Hyundai Glovis to Expand Used-Car Business
Hyundai Glovis plans to launch a used-car brokerage service called Autobell, the company said Thursday. It will link used-car dealers and individual sellers and buyers online.