Chuseok Traditions Under Stress of Modernity
Chuseok, also called Hangawi or "great middle of autumn," falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. It resembles the autumn festival of some other Asian cultures and celebrates a bountiful harvest under the full moon. Traditionally, Chuseok involves various customs and rituals, including the making of songpyeon, which are rice cakes.
Full Harvest Moon Visible on Chuseok
Comedies to Dominate Cinemas over Chuseok
Yoon to Visit U.K., Netherlands Later This Year
S.Korea in 2nd Place in Asian Games Medal Tally
Kim Ha-yun Wins Gold in Women's Judo
Long Chuseok Holiday Means Less Congestion on Road
S.Korea Holds Rare Military Parade
South Korea held a full-scale military parade in downtown Seoul on Tuesday ahead of the 75th Armed Forces Day, which falls on Sunday. The parade aimed to showcase South Korea's defense alliance with the U.S. and its military capability.
N.Korea Beats Chinese Taipei in Asian Games Opener
North Korea, which had not competed in any major international sporting events in several years, returned for its first match in the men's football tournament at the Asian Games in the Chinese city of Jinhua on Tuesday.
Milk Prices to Rise Next Month
Retail milk prices will go up in October after dairy farmers decided to raise the raw milk price last month. The association of dairy farmers has increased the price of raw milk by W88 per liter or 8.8 percent.