Gasoline Shortage in Pyongyang
Gasoline appears to be in short supply in North Korea amid signs that China has cut off the flow to dissuade the North from conducting another nuclear test. Some gas stations in Pyongyang are selling gasoline only to the cars of staff of international organizations or diplomats, while others have closed down, the Associated Press reported Saturday.
Park Sells Her House in Gangnam
Most Women Want a Small Wedding But Few Succeed
USFK to Stage Evacuation Drill in June
Economic Gloom Fuels Rise in Lottery Ticket Sales
Samsung to Release Software Upgrades for Red Tint on Galaxy S8
Thyroid Cancer Operations Drop 40%
Park Aide to Be Sentenced Together with Ex-President
Ex-presidential aide Jeong Ho-seong will be sentenced on the same day as ex-President Park Geun-hye on charges of handing over confidential government documents to Park's crony Choi Soon-sil at her orders.
Korean American Arrested in N.Korea
North Korea on Friday arrested a Korean American who has taught at university in China as he was leaving after a visit to Pyongyang. There is speculation that the regime is trying to secure another hostage.
Samsung Hopes to Retake Lead in Indian Market with New Flagship Phones
Samsung launched its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in New Delhi, India on Wednesday. The company is currently taking pre-orders for the new phones, which will be available from May 5 there.