Ex-USFK Chiefs Say U.S. Doesn't Need Seoul's OK for Military Action
Former chiefs of the U.S. Forces Korea insist Washington would not need Seoul's approval to strike North Korea with its "offshore military assets," the Voice of America reported on Wednesday. They were contradicting President Moon Jae-in, who said in his speech marking Liberation Day on Aug. 15, "Without the consent of [South Korea], no country can determine to take military action."
Korea's Birthrate Plunges to New Record Low
Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 8 in New York
Court Rules out Live Coverage of Samsung Chief's Sentencing
Retailers Cut Egg Prices Amid Contamination Scare
LG to Build Plant for Electric Vehicles in U.S.
11,000 Koreans Went to Work in Japan Last Year
Single Households Could Be the Norm Within a Decade
Single households are expected to be the most common domestic setup in Korea within a decade. According to Statistics Korea on Tuesday, the most common domestic setup in 2015 was a couple and children.
Kim Jong-un Inspects Missile Development Facility
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has paid a visit to the Chemical Material Institute of the Academy of Defense Science, which is in charge of developing the North's ballistic missiles.
Lilian Sanitary Pads Taken off Shelves Amid Health Scare
Contamination fears have spread from eggs to sanitary pads. Reports say Klean Nara's Lilian pads are contaminated with harmful substances. Some users of Lilian pads complained of reduced bleeding and increased menstrual cramps.