Impatient Koreans Speed up Streaming Videos

      October 09, 2021 08:38

      A growing number of young viewers are speeding up the films and TV shows they watch on streaming services, an option that has come in for heavy criticism from creators.

      Office worker Park Min-sun (27) took just five hours to watch all nine episodes of Netflix's hit series "Squid Game" over Chuseok, even though they are on average about 50 minutes long. Park played the dystopian thriller at 1.25 times speed and fast-forwarded the "boring parts."

      "Everybody I know was talking about 'Squid Game' and I didn't want to invest too much time watching it," she admits. "I fast-forwarded many parts, but didn't miss key scenes."

      Many university students also view pre-recorded online lectures at faster speed to save time. Shin Jung-in (23) said, "I watch lectures at 1.75-times speed and fast-forward other parts. These days, watching videos at normal speed feels like slow motion."

      Young viewers are apparently unfazed by the squeaky voices and jerky movements that result.

      Experts warn that will make Koreans even more impatient than they already are. For some younger people a live performance like a play or musical proceeding at normal speed is torture.

      A 31-year-old office worker said, "I went to see a musical recently and found myself twiddling my thumbs while the characters were yakking away between numbers. I think I developed the habit from fast-forwarding YouTube videos." 

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