Eating Chocolate in the Morning Helps Reduce Appetite

      September 30, 2021 09:56

      Chocolate has a reputation for causing obesity, but new research shows that it can actually help reduce food cravings.

      A recent small study in the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology shows the different effects of chocolate on the body depending on the time of day it is eaten.

      The study chose 19 menopausal women and made them eat 100 g (542 Kcal) of milk chocolate for two weeks less than an hour after they woke up or an hour before bedtime.

      A control group was given no chocolate at all.

      Researchers found that chocolate did not increase their body weight. In fact, the women who ate their chocolate in the morning experienced a 16 percent (300 Kcal) decline in the intake of other types of food, while those who ate it at night saw a 10 percent (150 Kcal) reduction.

      They concluded that eating chocolate in the morning decreases appetite, boosts fat oxidation, lowers blood-sugar levels and decreases abdominal obesity. Eating it regularly at night helps people sleep better.

      Chocolate contains not only cocoa and sugar but also theobromine, caffeine and polyphenols, which can have beneficial effects on the body if taken in moderation.

      The results may sound exciting for chocolate lovers but caution is advised as the sample size was small.

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