Most Young Koreans Support Scrapping Law on Family Names

      May 05, 2021 08:25

      Young people mostly support scrapping a law that automatically gives children their father's surname whether the mother agrees or not, a straw poll suggests.

      The Chosun Ilbo conducted a quick poll of 100 undergraduate and graduate students in their 20s and found that 47 supported the idea. But 22 said children should continue to use their father's surname, while 31 felt they should be given the right to choose.

      In other words, millennials do not support the notion that surname and its clan associations are the roots of a modern family.

      Young people interviewed in the university hub of Sincheon voiced varying opinions. Jung Da-hyun (26), a graduate student at Ewha Womans University, said, "There are couples who probably don't think about how many children they will have when they register their marriage, and the current law makes it impossible for them to choose their children's surname later."

      Choi Ba-da (20), a freshman at Yonsei University, said, "A family is united through living together and other factors, so I don't think we need to fixate on having the same surname. A surname is no longer a factor determining a person's identity."

      Kim Yun-tae, a professor at Korea University, said, "Millennials don't think parents determine the identity of their children, so they seem to feel that parents shouldn't force a particular surname on their kids."

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