Ex-White House Adviser Urges 'Maximum Pressure' on N.Korea

  • By Kim Jin-myung

    March 04, 2021 11:22

    H. R. McMaster

    A former White House national security adviser has warned that the North Korean regime is trying to force the pullout of U.S. troops from South Korea in order to take over the country.

    H. R. McMaster made the remarks in a statement to the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee ahead of a hearing on March 2. "It is likely that North Korea would engage in nuclear blackmail and attempt to force the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the peninsula as the first step in accomplishing the Kim family dictatorship’s goal of 'red colored unification.'"

    McMaster was former U.S. President Donald Trump's second ill-fated security adviser.

    He added the U.S. and likeminded nations should maintain a "strategy of maximum pressure" and "demonstrate the will and capability, if necessary, to employ military force against North Korea."

    "Military exercises and preparation for a swift and overwhelming response to North Korean aggression are critical for successful diplomacy," he said. North Korean leader Kim Jung-un "must know that the United States and its allies possess the capability and, if faced with a potential nuclear strike, the will to impose denuclearization militarily without his cooperation."

    He also gave the current South Korean government an indirect drubbing, warning against a "forlorn hope that opening up to North Korea would change the nature of the regime... This is sometimes called the 'Sunshine Policy.'"

    "But while the Kim family was happy to accept payoffs in exchange for limited opening, once it pocketed the money, it slammed the door shut lest the North Korean people gain access to information other than the systematic propaganda and brainwashing to which they are subjected," he recalled.

    "North Korea has never developed a weapon that it did not try to sell, including the sale of its nuclear technology to Syria," he added. "It seems clear that U.S. strategy should be to sustain international support behind a strategy of maximum pressure to test the thesis that Kim Jong-un can be convinced that his regime is safer without nuclear weapons than it is with them."

    He suggested three principles for putting maximum pressure on the regime: "First, not to accede to initial agreements and payoffs just to get to the negotiating table, second, convince China to enforce United Nations Security Council sanctions," and "third, demonstrate the will and capability, if necessary, to employ military force against North Korea."

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