Moon Asks Slain Official's Son to Be Patient

  • By Ahn Jun-yong

    October 14, 2020 11:25

    President Moon Jae-in has replied to an angry letter from the son of a fisheries official who was shot and killed by North Korean soldiers, asking him to be patient.

    "I firmly believe that the truth must be revealed so that those who are responsible will be held accountable and honor must be restored if there was unfair treatment," Moon wrote.

    President Moon Jae-in's letter to the son of a South Korean official who was shot and killed by North Korean soldiers last month.

    The teenage son of the South Korean sent a handwritten letter to Moon on Oct. 5 demanding that his father's name be cleared of accusations that he wanted to defect to North Korea and lamenting the South Korean government's inaction.

    "If your children or grandchildren were in my place, would you still behave as you do now?" the son wrote. "I wonder what attempts the government made while my father was slaughtered and why he couldn't be rescued."

    "My heart ached as I read through your letter, which was filled with touching respect and sadness for his father," Moon wrote. "I convey my deepest condolences."

    He added, "I fully understand the feelings of a son who has lost his father. The Korea Coast Guard and military authorities are doing their best to search for your father, while investigating various circumstances. I promise to ensure transparency in the investigation in order to find the truth." "I ask you to wait for the results of the investigation and search operations."

    But the official's older brother, Lee Rae-jin, told the Chosun Ilbo in a telephone interview, "The letter was simply typed." He added that the letter did not explain how his brother's honor would be restored or how the government plans to get to the truth. "The president's response was abstract and we felt dismissed," Lee said.

    He is set to give a press conference in Incheon this afternoon.

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