How to Deal with Rainy-Season Depression

      July 18, 2020 08:15

      The summer monsoon can have a negative impact not only on your physical health by creating ideal conditions for germs and mold but also for mental health as grey rainy skies dampen the mood.

      Kim Byung-sung at Kyunghee University Hospital said, "High levels of humidity causes the body to respond by boosting blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. People can also develop skin problems, while those who already suffer from illnesses could see their conditions worsen."

      And Kim Seung-jae at Catholic University of Korea's St. Mary's Hospital in Seoul said, "If high levels of humidity continue, mold and germs spread two to three times faster. You need to keep you home dry and make sure to thoroughly cook your food and wash your hands often."

      The discomfort also leads to higher stress levels while stamina decreases. "Exposure to high levels of humidity during the monsoon affects the limbic system of the brain that is related to emotions, resulting in decreased concentration and feelings of depression," said Hong Jin-pyo at Samsung Medical Center.

      "A lack of sunlight also affects emotions because it increases the secretion of melatonin in the brain and can cause depression," he added.

      If skin problems erupt due to humidity, change out of wet clothes immediately after returning home in the rain and dry yourself. Also take advantage of intermittent periods of sunshine by going for walks.

      The "happiness hormone" serotonin is produced according to the amount of sunlight. "If there's even a short period of sunshine after rain, head outside and bask in the sunlight," Kim said.

      Decreased sunlight can wreak havoc with your biological clocks. But depression and a loss of appetite can be controlled by daily routines. Wake up at set times even if it is dark and cloudy outside, while engaging in physical activities during the day and ensuring ample sleep at night.

      Turning on the lights indoors during the day also helps deal with depression because the body senses night and day through the amount of light the eyes perceive.

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