Actress Ki Eun-se Finds Fresh Spark in Instagram Mundanities

  • By Choi Bo-yun

    June 13, 2020 08:32

    Ki Eun-se

    Actress Ki Eun-se has gained a second wind as an Instagram celebrity. Her Instagram posts of mundane daily life easily attract over 10,000 likes.

    Whatever she uploads attracts thousands of "likes," be it cooking, eating, just sitting at a table, spending time with her dog, or making a flower bouquet for her parents. Of course that makes her a bona fide "influencer," and she now gets invites to fashion shows from Dior, Fendi and Max Mara to Prada and Christian Louboutin.

    Ki has over 560,000 followers on Instagram. That is hardly stratospheric by Kardashian standards, but it landed her a job as a co-host of TV Chosun's home improvement program "Homederella."

    Ki made a debut as a model when she was in high school, but her acting career never really took off. The turning point came with her marriage and a return to mundane pleasures. "After I got married, I enjoyed cooking and decorating the home. At first, since I was never big as an actor, I was afraid of making my daily life public online, but I decided to take it easy and that was a new way opening up."

    One thing that has endeared her to followers is that Ki conscientiously replies to comments and sometimes uploads extra videos to explain better. It all started when she painted her home by herself -- she favors a lick of paint as one of the easiest and cheapest way to change home decor. Ki is also a great cook, so many people ask for her recipes.

    With her renewed confidence she tried to find a way back to the glamor of the showbiz. Some three years ago, she went to New York for a fashion show, found out about where street photographers were to be found and walked around and around to be spotted by them.

    "My thirst for the limelight was somewhat quenched when I heard the camera flash going off, and it made me dream of reviving my acting career again," she says.

    She did appear in KBS' TV series "Liver or Die" last year and more recently in cable channel tVN's hit series "Hospital Playlist."

    "Some people say it is the age of one-person media, but you can get exhausted and burnt out if what you used to enjoy becomes your job," she admits. "People start wondering why they bother to upload photos now, and why they just can't enjoy cooking for the family any more. But if you get through that, you'll eventually find what you do well."

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