Can You Eat Yourself Slim?

      May 02, 2020 08:23

      Dieting usually entails sacrificing some food group or increasing the amount of physical exercise, but now new diet regimens promise all the enjoyment of a normal diet with all the benefits of a fast.

      Gurus suggest that even people who are chronically averse to exercise can simply opt to alter their food-consumption sequence and speed.

      Catholic University of Korea's St. Mary's Hospital in Seoul offers this kind of dieting regimen. At the crux are blood-glucose levels and satiety. It recommends selecting food according to nutrition and then eat them in the order of fruit/vegetables, beans/meat/fish to grains, which supposedly makes people feel full more quickly and helps blood-glucose levels rise more slowly.

      This regimen is especially helpful for people who enjoy snacking or take long to feel satiated.

      ◆ Vegetables

      It takes the body a long time to digest fiber from vegetables, so fruit and carbohydrates ingested later change more slowly into glucose. Consuming fiber first therefore prevents blood-glucose levels from rising sharply and people looking for food even though they may not be hungry. Fiber also naturally stimulates bowel movements, and the more frequent they become, the more the body is tricked into feeling full. Nutritionists recommend consuming raw food first and then cooked or fermented.

      ◆ Protein

      Protein is less prone to turn into fat than carbohydrates and makes people feel less hungry. It also prevents muscle loss during diets. Eating protein before carbohydrates causes the body to use carbohydrates as energy before turning them into fat. Vegetable proteins like beans also help blood-glucose levels to rise more slowly than animal proteins, so it is better to eat them first.

      ◆ Carbohydrates

      Carbohydrates should be eaten last to minimize their intake. Consuming large amounts of carbohydrates causes the body to transform them into fat, leading to obesity. Eating them when the stomach is already fairly full causes people to feel full earlier and therefore prevents them from overeating. Avoid eating rice with various side dishes or bread with butter, because mixing carbohydrates with other types of food causes fat to accumulate.

      ◆ Eating Slowly

      But simply following this sequence does not guarantee weight loss, and eating fast makes all this effort useless. It takes more than 20 minutes for the brain to receive signals of satiety after food enters the stomach. Salty or spicy food should also be avoided since they can make people overeat. Eating rice and side dishes separately naturally cause the palate to get used to less flavorful food.

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