Why Eating Too Fast Can Lead to Obesity

      June 01, 2019 08:23

      Why does a glass of water quickly quench thirst but even a full meal leave some people hungry? Doctors explain that the phenomenon is real and has to do with the way the body processes food.

      People's bodies require time to produce the hormones signaling a sense of satiety, which is why some people overeat, especially those who are already obese and tend to wolf down their food out of habit.

      When people eat, their stomach wall firms and blood-sugar levels rise. This stimulates the satiety center of the hypothalamus in the brains, triggering the secretion of hormones called leptins that make them feel full.

      But the process can take some 20 minutes, so wolfing down food can lead to a sense of still being hungry.

      The best solution is simply to take more time over your food, but if you eat too fast by long habit, this can be difficult.

      Kim Yang-hyun at Korea University's Anam Hospital said, "Obese people tend to eat faster than others and end up consuming more food. It's a vicious cycle, but obese people must make an effort to break it."

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