How to Improve Your Sex Life in Middle Age

      April 09, 2019 13:34

      Stamina now mostly means male sexual prowess, but the term actually encompasses the entire physical and mental desire of both men and women.

      As yet there is no agreed numerical standard to determine a person's stamina. Middle-aged men's testosterone levels decline gradually, but women suffer a drastic decline in estrogen levels as soon as the menopause starts.

      Men may encounter erectile dysfunction as well as a general loss of interest, but women suffer from decreased sexual appetite, pain during sexual intercourse due to vaginal dryness, and weaker orgasms.

      In fact the frequency of sexual intercourse is not directly related to the level of satisfaction. The pleasure older people feel from having sex is more akin to a feeling of happiness rather than a bells-and-whistles ecstasy, and sex therapists say communication and attentiveness to a partner's needs are essential for good sex in advancing years.

      There is also no silver bullet for bolstering stamina. Eating balanced meals, getting plenty of sleep and rest and exercising regularly can help.

      Smoking and excessive drinking are sure to reduce sexual desire and performance, but eating oysters or crackpot remedies like rhino horn have no known benefits.

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