How Loss of Libido Can Hurt Relationships

      February 14, 2019 08:20

      If a once-passionate man is no longer sexually aroused or has a low libido, a wife can become depressed and misunderstand the situation.

      Many women erroneously believe this is caused by their deteriorating attractiveness, weight gain or age, or they may get the false impression that their husbands are having affairs.

      But it may simply be declining testosterone that erodes sexual desire. Often it is difficult to tell if this condition is caused by advancing age or ill health. Because libido declines with age, its optimal level is hard to assess.

      With age, men can face difficulty achieving orgasm and many complain of lower pleasure from sex. If reaching climaxing during sex is tough and no biological changes are suspected, that could stem from aging. If there is no problem during masturbation, it could be a sign that a man is no longer interested in his wife.

      When men undergo biological changes, their sperm count and sexual performance can fall. One remedy can be energy-boosting supplements, though none have been medically proven to effectively raise low libido.

      The most efficient and safe solution is trying to increase your testosterone levels through proper treatments and medical therapies.

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