How to Get Rid of Holiday Weight Gain


    August 11, 2018 08:22

    Even people who watch what they eat to keep their weight down allow themselves indulgences on holiday. But the extra weight can be hard to get rid of unless you do it immediately.

    The best way to lose the holiday pounds is to eat less every meal rather than skipping meals. The stomach is flexible and elastic. It expands if you eat a lot but shrinks if you eat little. The first thing to do, therefore, is to bring the size of the stomach back to what it was before.

    In the sweltering summer weather, people can easily get dehydrated and lose energy quickly, so losing weight through fasting should be avoided. Reducing the size of your stomach by not eating will stimulate your brain in ways that can make you feel hungrier, and that brings the risk of binge-eating and craving high-calorie and high-fat food.

    Do not set an overly ambitious goal, but just try to lose the weight you gained on holiday. Huge disappointment can result from failing to fulfill more ambitious diet regimes, leading to depression, which is a big obstacle to disciplined weight loss.

    Weigh yourself only once a week instead of checking your weight all the time. What is important is focusing on the good feeling that you are getting slimmer, rather than the actual numbers. Since holiday weight gain is usually just 2 or 3 kg, there is no need for a strict timeline. If you get too stressed out by failing to get visible results each time, it will adversely affect your diet plan.

    Lastly, drink twice as much water as usual. Hunger and thirst are closely connected in the brain, and if you stay hydrated and thirst is quenched, the brain also feels less appetite.

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