What Snacks Go Best with Alcohol?

      October 13, 2017 12:41

      Many people enjoy snacks with their alcohol, and some combinations like fried chicken and beer have become proverbial as a way of celebrating major events.

      But not all food is good for soaking up the booze, while other pairings can be almost beneficial.

      High-calorie foods like fried chicken are in fact better not mixed with beer. Beer alone has about 190 kcal per glass, and adding fatty fried food only makes things worse and can be a high road to obesity.

      Better combinations are fish or meat jerky or nuts.

      Fruit also does not go well with beer since it sours the stomach.

      Strong alcohol like soju and whiskey, on the other hand, goes well with fruit because the high levels of vitamin C found in fruit help the body get rid of alcohol more quickly.

      In Korea, hearty soups are the favorite partners of soju, but experts say this is not a good choice since it raises a body temperature already warmed by liquor.

      Makgeolli or Korean rice wine is often accompanied by jeon or pan-fried delicacies, but this, too, is a bad combination because jeon is oily and does nothing to relieve the effects of the alcohol. Experts advise eating tofu or steamed meats that are low on oil instead.

      Meanwhile, those who are on a diet should avoid beer and makgeolli and choose soju or whiskey instead, which have less sugar and calories. 

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