Hiking Mountain Trails Offers the Perfect Autumn Workout

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    October 07, 2017 06:25

    Autumn is a perfect time for outdoor activities. Hiking in the mountains is a wonderful way to take in some beautiful scenery and enjoy the colorful foliage.

    It's also a great workout, as it burns around 500 kcal per hour for someone who weighs 60 kg, for example. Hiking exercises the whole body and strengthens leg muscles. But hikers are advised to be careful when venturing into the mountains, as injuries and accidents can happen at any time.

    Do a proper warm-up before your hike to avoid exposing your joints and muscles to abrupt pressure. Start with light stretching to raise body temperature and relax your muscles. Good posture is also important. Be sure that the entire soles of your feet touch the ground to maintain stability and reduce pressure on other parts of the body. Putting too much weight on the front of the feet will tire your legs quickly. Don't overdo it, though -- try to maintain a moderate pace.

    When hiking downhill, take smaller steps and slow down. You are more likely to strain a muscle going down than up. Blood levels of creatine phosphokinase, an indicator of muscle cell damage, increase during downhill walking.

    Minimize the risk of spasms and arthralgia by reducing pressure on your knees. Pack lightly and use a walking stick, which helps distribute weight more evenly. After your hike, do some stretches to relax your muscles.

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