China's Racist Propaganda Rises to Fever Pitch

      September 08, 2017 12:43

      Chinese government mouthpiece the Global Times on Wednesday spewed racist denunciations over the full deployment of a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense battery here that were worthy of the worst North Korean propaganda. Referring to the THAAD deployment as a "malignant tumor," the English-language daily wrote, "Did the [South] Korean conservatives become stupid because they eat too much kimchi? When the THAAD deployment is over, [South] Korea will lose the last one strategic independence, and Korea will become frog rice between the North Korean nuclear crisis and the major powerful countries."

      Even the weird Martian approach to the English language seems to have rubbed off from the North Korean state media. The daily then threatened that the THAAD "will not only be the hostage of North Korea, but will also be a strategic target for both China and Russia."

      All news outlets in China are run by the government and serve as PR machines. They report what the Chinese Communist Party orders them to. But the People's Daily has tended to be a little more moderate in expression. Many Chinese believe the Global Times to reflect a truer picture of the Communist Party's thinking than the noisier propaganda outlets.

      South Korea has no choice but to deploy the THAAD in the face of the nuclear and missile threat from North Korea. The moment they disappear, there will be no further need for THAAD. But it seems the Chinese government is increasingly being wagged by its North Korean tail. Japan for example has much more powerful THAAD batteries, and China never uttered a peep about them. But when it comes to South Korea, Beijing refuses to listen to reason and accept that THAAD has only been deployed for very good defensive reasons.

      If it thinks it can bring South Korea to its knees with this sort of language, it is making a terrible miscalculation. Unless this racist propaganda stops, the world will have to assume that it is President Xi Jinping himself and his inner circle who have taken leave of their senses.

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