Stay Hydrated to Stay Healthy


    July 29, 2017 08:22

    Staying hydrated is important for your health not just during the sweltering summer or when exercising, but also during daily activities.

    Throughout the day your body can experience a mild level of dehydration, losing one to two percent of total body weight in water. If this continues, various health problems can occur.

    A research team led by Kim Sun-hyo, a professor at Kongju National University, analyzed academic papers and thesis and found that a state of chronic dehydration is associated with a number of illnesses and symptoms.

    According to their analysis, men drink on average 2,465 ml of liquid and women 2,239 ml per day. Here, liquid includes drinks as well as liquid from food. The recommended daily intake of liquid is 2,200 ml to 2,600 ml for men and 1,900 ml to 2,100 ml for women.

    "What can be bad is that many people get liquid from drinks, alcohol or coffee rather than pure water."

    "Getting hydration from beverages can lead to excessive intake of sugar and caffeine," said Kim Kwang-joon at Severance Hospital. "Both coffee and alcohol are diuretic, which actually decrease hydration."

    Nutritionists advise to avoid beverages but drink milk and pure water instead.

    In order to stay hydrated, it is recommended to drink small amounts of water frequently throughout the day, from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. Elderly people need to take extra care to drink water more frequently even if they do not feel thirsty.  

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