Actress Seo Yu-jeong Feels More Comfortable in Her Own Skin

      October 22, 2016 08:21

      It has been almost 20 years since actress Seo Yu-jeong, who currently appears in a weekday soap, made her debut in 1997. She is still shining as bright as she used to.

      When asked how she has managed to hold on to her figure and looks, Seo said, "I used to work out a lot, but these days I don't have enough time to do so, due to the busy schedule of the soap," which started airing on terrestrial network KBS in May. "Instead, I try to take a walk whenever possible. One thing hasn't changed, though: A daily soap runs on a tight shooting schedule. I get exhausted easily," she added.

      But Seo seems more at ease with herself now. "I used to be a shy and tend to be pessimistic, but I've mellowed with age. I feel more comfortable about life," she said.

      Asked how she spends her free time, she said, "These days I enjoy catching a bus or riding the subway. When I wear a mask, nobody recognizes me. I'm curious about how others live; what they think, what they talk about."

      Seo said she is happy to be a mentor for young actors. "I want to be able to help when they feel alone and frustrated, because I went through a hard time at first too. When I felt miserable and distressed I wanted someone around to comfort me, so now I'm willing to be the person to give a hand to someone who needs help," she said.

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