Hangover Preventions and Cures for the Festive Season

      December 25, 2015 08:38

      Christmas and New Year typically mean a lot of obligatory gatherings that involve vast quantities of alcohol being poured down the hatch. That also means an interminable succession of hangovers. The Chosun Ilbo has asked experts to identify the top sure-fire hangover preventions and cures.

      The first is eggs. Eggs contain the amino acid cysteine, which is a preventative or antidote for some of the negative effects of alcohol. The best way to make them work is by eating two eggs before starting to drink.

      Asparagus is filled with the amino acid asparagine, which helps the body break down alcohol and protects the liver.

      Milk should also be drunk before drinking alcohol as it protects the stomach lining and slows alcohol absorption.

      Indians have been eating almonds to deal with hangovers for thousands of years. Eating a handful before consuming alcohol can reduce hangovers significantly.

      Pickles and salty liquids also have anti-hangover properties. Alcohol consumption causes the body to lose electrolytes as people urinate, and pickles replenish them.

      After a night of drinking, honey water, sikhye or rice punch, and fruit juice help beat hangovers. Glucose and fluids allow the body to break down the alcohol faster. But avoid coffee, which if anything makes hangovers worse.

      Of course the best way to avoid hangovers is to drink in moderation. The World Health Organization classifies as heavy drinking seven shots of soju (60g of alcohol) for men and five shots for women (40g). 

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