More People Turn Backs on Social Media

      November 13, 2015 08:19

      An increasing number of people are tiring of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and just want to be left alone.

      They often wind up disillusioned after experiencing a world where every detail of everybody's life is exposed to the public glare.

      A man in his mid-40s, although he works as a marketing manager for a conglomerate in Seoul, says he no longer opens Facebook. He often regrets wasting valuable time looking at messages and photos posted by Facebook friends in bed at night.

      "At first, it was good to hear from friends and find out what other people think" he says. "But in the end it wasn't worth it. I wish I'd read books instead."

      According to the Korea Information Society Development Institute, the average Korean spent an hour and 17 minutes a day on their smartphone last year, reading about celebrity scandals and political rumors and clicking "like" on Facebook. College students spent on average two hours and 20 minutes.

      But now people are returning to bookstores, because they have discovered that it is better to read or reflect on their own life.

      Some 47.5 percent of all book buyers are in their 40s, according to analysis by the online bookstore Yes24. Women in their 40s are the most avid readers, followed by men in their 30s.

      "People in their 30s and 40s want to spend their time more productively" said Prof. Pyo Jung-hoon of Hanyang University.

      "It's an illusion to believe that we're all connected with each other in one way or another," said Prof. Kwak Keum-joo of Seoul National University. "The latest trend shows that people want to be free of the often stagy pictures and exaggerated responses on social media. 

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