Young Jobseekers, Singles Want to Spend Chuseok Alone

      September 26, 2015 08:28

      For most people, Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving, is a heartwarming time when families come together to catch up with each other while sharing seasonal dishes. But it seems that for an increasing number of people, it has become an unwelcome ritual.

      Some have given up returning to their hometowns to see relatives. Others make various excuses to avoid family gatherings.

      For young jobseekers in particular, this time of the year can be a nightmare, as they are certain to be bombarded with questions and advice on finding a job by nosy relatives.

      There are also those who simply haven't the money to visit families back home, not to mention the unmarried single men and women who go on trips to avoid stressful encounters with parents pressuring them to get married.

      For these and a variety of other reasons, more and more people are -- willingly or not -- choosing to spend the holiday on their own.

      But this may mean missing out on those special Chuseok treats. However, there are ways to eat well on one's own. Single people can cook for themselves, but for many, taking care of the leftover food is a real headache. There are now businesses catering to single households, delivering prepared ingredients and recipes to make cooking quick and easy.

      Many supermarkets now sell cooked food in small portions for single people, including special Chuseok dishes. Such options allow those who choose to spend the holiday alone to still enjoy some of its atmosphere while getting some quality time to themselves, instead of being held up on congested roads traveling to their hometowns, or being bothered by preaching from relatives.

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