What Made N.Korea Angry About Propaganda Broadcasts?

      August 25, 2015 11:52

      The propaganda broadcasts that upset North Korea when they were blasted across the demilitarized zone consisted of five to 10 minutes of South Korean news as well as denunciations of the North Korean regime.

      The broadcasts resumed earlier this month after two South Korean soldiers were maimed by box mines the North had planted in the DMZ.

      The Chosun Ilbo obtained recordings which started with the words, "We want to console and deliver the truth to our brethren in the North who are suffering under a foolish leader."

      They also repeatedly explained that the North planted the landmines and lobbed shells across the border last week.

      The broadcasts said that President Park Geun-hye has visited China three times since her inauguration, while Kim Jong-un has not even visited Beijing for sightseeing. They accused Kim of being "young and afraid of being rejected by other world leaders."

      There were also weather forecasts for the North, perhaps in case the regime was tempted to promise eternal sunshine.

      More conventionally, the broadcasts hailed South Korea's rapid economic development and democratic system of government, as well as painting a rosy picture of middle-class lives here.

      All this was interspersed with K-pop hits, which have a global following.

      The loudspeakers had been set up in 11 locations along the tense border and played their messages three times a day, with each broadcast lasting a grueling three to four hours. They were broadcast at random times in order to prevent the North from trying to drown them out with its own broadcasts.

      A senior military officer said, "North Korean soldiers and people living close to the border are isolated from the rest of the North and receive only heavily filtered information from Pyongyang. North Korea's leadership probably fears that they will be affected by the South Korean broadcasts and flee to the South."

      Park earlier reiterated at a meeting with her senior secretaries that Seoul should not back down in order to set a precedent for future generations. The two sides reached agreement in the early hours of Tuesday. 

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