Too Much Healthcare Is Bad for Your Health

      December 16, 2014 09:02

      People who worry about and take care of their health are more likely to have health problems than their devil-may-care counterparts. The reason is that worry itself is a bigger threat to health than the odd cigarette or glass of wine, to say nothing of a full delicious meal.

      The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health carried out the study over 15 years of 1,200 people in upper management jobs between 40 and 45 with cardiovascular diseases.

      They were divided into two groups, and the 600 in one group went through a no-smoking, no-alcohol regime, exercise, and health check-ups every four months.

      The other 600 were given no specific instructions and led life as usual.

      Surprisingly, the second group fared better in terms of cardiovascular health, while those who looked after their health as the doctor ordered got sicker.

      The results were not confined to cardiovascular diseases alone. Diets also do not work if patients worry too much. Thinking too hard about whether to eat something or not, and obsessively calculating calories, does not help. If the joy of eating turns into pain and suffering, it will cause more stress and can result in obesity.

      Enjoyable food, on the other hand, gives the immune system a boost and prevents aging.

      Experts recommend drawing up a weekly plan rather than counting calories for every single mouthful. If you love your lunch, indulge a little and cut down on a later dinner or breakfast instead.

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