'Destroyed' Jeans Fit This Season's Retro Trend

A pair of jeans is probably a timeless wardrobe essential for most people, but jeans look vastly different depending on the design, fit, color and decorative details.

The latest trend is led by "destroyed" or ripped jeans as the retro look sweeps the fashion scene this year.

The attraction of destroyed jeans is the rips that look natural and big holes around the knees, as if from long wear and tear.

Although they may only seem suitable for a casual look, they are surprisingly versatile. Matched with a white blouse, a pair of ripped jeans can create a lovely feminine look. It looks equally chic if worn with a rider's jacket or a loose T-shirt.

englishnews@chosun.com / Sep. 03, 2014 08:28 KST