LG G3 Promotional Video Draws 1 Million Views

LG Electronics said Sunday that a video clip featuring an active volcano that is being used to advertise the company's latest flagship smartphone has garnered over 1 million clicks on YouTube.

The video was unveiled when the G3 was launched on May 28. Geoff Mackley, a photographer who has recorded 34 active volcanoes in 14 countries, used the device to take pictures of boiling lava on Marum, Ambrym Island in Vanuatu.

"We have received good reviews as the phone was used to take close shots of an active volcano where the temperature exceeds 1,200 degrees Celsius," LG said.

The phone's laser auto focus shoots a laser at the object to measure the distance and adjust the focus of the lens accordingly. It also allows users to take clear pictures of a moving object in dark conditions.

englishnews@chosun.com / Jun. 09, 2014 10:24 KST