The Fatal Encounter (2014)

  • Genres: Epics and Drama
  • Running Time: 136 min.
  • Directed by: Lee Jae-kyoo
  • Starring: Hyun Bin, Jung Jae-young, Han Ji-min
Synopsis: In 1777, King Jeong-jo bears a perilous palace life with his dedicated court servant, Gap-soo, amidst opposition and threats from those around with political ambitions. Eul-soo, a member of a secret assassin group, receives orders to kill Jeong-jo. Gap-soo, who had also been in the same secret assassin ring as Eul-soo, later confesses to Jeong-jo about his dark past and his motive for coming into the palace. To Gap-soo's surprise, Jeong-jo orders him to just leave the palace. However, Gap-soo finds out that there is another assassin besides him and frantically returns to the court. / May. 02, 2014 11:06 KST