Algerian Leader Mocked as Kim Jong-un 'Wannabe'

/Courtesy of Le Matin /Courtesy of Le Matin

The Algerian newspaper Le Matin has upset the country's long-time president Abdelaziz Bouteflika with a doctored image that shows him looking like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The paper printed the image after the Bouteflika (77) said he would run for office for a fourth term, the BBC reported Tuesday.

The picture shows Bouteflika with Kim's distinctive close-cut hairstyle.

Bouteflika has been in power since 1999. In 2009, he was elected for a third five-year term after abolishing the constitutional term limit. He recently announced his plan to run for a fourth term but suffered a stroke in April last year and has rarely appeared in public since then. / Mar. 27, 2014 12:04 KST