Celebrity Couple Take Legal Action to Stop Internet Rumor Mill

Song Yun-ah (left) and Sol Kyung-gu Song Yun-ah (left) and Sol Kyung-gu

Police in Gangnam are investigating malicious comments on the Internet targeting actors Sol Kyung-gu and his wife Song Yun-ah.

According to police, lawyers for Sol and Song filed a complaint last week saying the two celebrities are suffering from "intense psychological pain" due to rumors that the actress was responsible for the actor divorcing his wife. They accused 57 individuals of posting defamatory comments online.

Their lawyers said Sol divorced his wife in 2006 and married Song in 2009 but people were claiming the actress was a home wrecker. Sol even appeared on a TV talk show in April of last year saying Song had no part in his divorce. But the malicious comments on the Internet showed no signs of abating.

A spokesman for law firm Sejong said, "In 2009 the couple felt they had to accept the abuse since they were celebrities, but the comments turned increasingly malicious. Verbal abuse targeted other family members until they became unbearable."

Police said they will take "punitive steps" after investigating the accused.

englishnews@chosun.com / Mar. 25, 2014 09:36 KST