Eastar Jet Emerges as Most Tardy Airline

Eastar Jet had the highest rate of flight delays and cancellations among domestic airlines last year. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on Sunday, 0.71 percent of Eastar flights were held back for over an hour due to maintenance problems.

T’Way Air came in second with a comparable rate of 0.59 percent, followed by Jeju Air (0.31 percent), Jin Air (0.26 percent), Asiana Airlines (0.20 percent), Korean Air (0.12 percent) and Air Busan (0.06 percent).

Including foreign airlines, Air Canada had the highest rate of late or axed flights among the 65 carriers that operate flights here more than twice a week (2.24 percent). Others with poor records include American Airlines (1.91 percent), Air Caledonie International (1.90 percent), Delta Air Lines (1.45 percent) and Etihad Airways (1.36 percent).

The ministry said that, based on data supplied by the International Civil Aviation Organization, it provides safety information on its official website about 70 foreign airlines that offer services to Korea. People can find the list of countries with the worst aviation safety records and the names of carriers with the highest number of passenger casualties.

Of the 70 carriers, AirAsia Zest, Cebu Pacific of the Philippines and Air Bishkek of Kyrgyzstan made the European Union's blacklist as they failed to meet its safety standards.

englishnews@chosun.com / Feb. 24, 2014 11:16 KST